'Scream 6' on Pace to Break Franchise Record

Scream 6 opens in theaters in less than one month, and the film is on pace to break a major franchise record. According to Deadline, the film — co-produced by Paramount and Spyglass media — is currently tracking open with $37 million domestically. The horror series' previous highest opening was Scream 3, back in 2000, which debuted at $34.7 million domestically.

Deadline notes that there are "lots of factors" which contribute to the anticipation for Scream VI, including "the star power of Wednesday's Jenna Ortega." However, the outlet also cites the popularity of the franchise's previous entry, Scream (2022), which was a hit with horror fans, opening with $30 million over three days. It ended its theatrical run with $81.6 million domestically and $140 million globally. The hype around Scream VI has been quite palpable, so it will be very interesting to see the response it receives when it opens in cinemas on March 10.

In Scream (2022), Tara Carpenter (Ortega) is stalked and attacked by Ghostface in Woodsboro, the town where the terror was born. This becomes just the first in a new string of bloody crimes committed by the iconic horror character. Dewey (David Arquette), who is no longer sheriff of Woodsboro, contacts Sidney (Campbell) and Gail (Cox) — now his ex-wife — to let them know what's happening. The chaos and bloodshed bring the final three survivors back together once more, as they are the only ones who've withstood the onslaught of each series of Ghostface's murder sprees. 

Now, in the new film, Tara and her sister Sam (Melissa Barrera) find themselves facing off with the masked killer once again, but this time he's using all of New York City to his advantage. The film also brings back Jasmin Savoy Brown and Mason Gooding and twin brother-and-sister Mindy and Chad Meeks-Martin. The pair are the niece and nephew of Jamie Kennedy's character Randy Meeks, who appeared in Scream and Scream 2, with a post-mortem cameo in Scream3. 

Additionally, Courteney Cox is back as Gale Weathers, making her the only actor to appear in every current Scream film, since David Arquette's Dewey Riley died in Scream (2022), and it was previously announced that Neve Campbell would not be back as Sidney Prescott for Scream VI. Cox won't be alone, however, as Hayden Panettiere makes a triumphant return to the franchise in the film, reprising her Scream IV role as Kirby Reed. Scream VI opens in theaters on March 10, while Scream 2022 is currently available to stream on Paramount+. Anyone who may be interested in trying out a free trial of the streaming service can do so by clicking here.