Rupert Grint Says Potential 'Harry Potter' Reboot 'Would Work'

Rupert Grint told GQ Magazine UK that Warner Bros. should make a television series instead of a movie for the Harry Potter reboot, which is almost definite. The original Harry Potter movie franchise, comprising eight films from 2001 to 2011, gained Grint international fame as Ron Weasley opposite Daniel Radcliffe as Harry and Emma Watson as Hermione. "I'd love to see Harry Potter be adapted into a TV show," Grint said. "I think it would really work. I'm sure the films will get remade, anyway." Grint said, "I felt proud to have been in Potter," but added, "I think there'd be a feeling of passing the baton, letting someone else play Ron. It's weird because I'm protective over him, I could relate to him so much, and then I was picked to bring him to life. That's hard to let go. But it would be nice to, as well."

Grint also revealed in the interview that he was diagnosed with tonsillitis while filming 2005's The Goblet of Fire. As a result of his commitment to the Harry Potter series, he never had his tonsils removed until after he had finished filming Deathly Hallows – Part 2."While I was filming, there was never any time to get them out," Grint said. "From Goblet to the end of the franchise, I was just ill. My tonsils were absolutely massive. They became a metaphor, really. So as soon as I finished my work, I got them removed. It was one of the best decisions I ever made." When asked if he sometimes forgets the franchise's scale, Grint said, "Most days I think about the films in some way." he says. He added, "The only one I've ever rewatched is Philosopher's Stone. And I enjoyed it. I felt detached enough, because it was so long ago."

His description of rewatching the film was "like watching a home movie. It was my childhood, after all. I didn't go to school; I lost touch with a lot of old friends. I missed out on a lot of shared experiences." Despite that, he remains close to many of the cast members. According to Tom Felton, who portrayed Harry Potter's Draco Malfoy, they are all in a WhatsApp group called "The Potterheads." "We're still trying to figure out what life looks like on the other side of this massive cultural thing," Grint said. Last year, Grint reunited with Radcliffe, Watson, and other Harry Potter stars for an HBO Max special marking the movie's 20th anniversary.