Netflix Lands Ridley Scotts 'Hello America' Adaptation

While Netflix continues to impress by making its presence known at the Cannes Film Festival, the streaming service is also making moves back home to secure titles for the future.

Netflix has acquired the film rights to Hello America, an adaptation of the 1981 sci-fi novel by JG Ballard which has Ridley Scott, Kevin Walsh, and Michael Pruss on board to produce under the Scott Free production name.

The Hello America novel takes place 100 years after the nation sees a financial collapse causes American people to abandon the nation. Later, a group of pioneers return to America's remains and launch a voyage of rediscovery in the "New World." Unsurprisingly for any film Scott (the man responsible for the Alien franchise) is attached to, the journey brings hazards to the crew at every turn, ultimately building to a showdown with the area's charismatic leader who has evil plans to launch his nuclear arsenal against anyone who may threaten his seat on the New World's throne.

This will be Scott Free's second deal with the streaming service, following the agreement over rights to War Party. War Party will be directed by Andrew Dominik and star the new Venom lead Tom Hardy.

A release date for Hello America has not yet been revealed.


(via Deadline)