Full 'Misery' Blu-ray Details Released

In a rare example of the Academy Awards recognizing the power of a performance in a horror film, Kathy Bates earned the Oscar for Best Actress thanks to her role of Annie Wilkes in Misery. Initially announced earlier this summer, Scream Factory has detailed what its upcoming Misery Blu-ray will contain, from a variety of special features to the highest quality picture and sound.

misery blu-ray cover
(Photo: Shout Factory)

James Caan and Kathy Bates star in the bone-shattering thriller Misery, adapted from the novel by Stephen King. As Paul (Caan) recuperates from his injuries in the secluded cabin of his benefactor Annie (Bates), he begins to discover that beneath the seemingly kind and naive exterior of his self-described "number one fan" lurks a mind that is cunning, unhinged, and bent on keeping her favorite writer as her personal prisoner for the rest of his "cock-a-doodie" life ... and Sheldon must engage his savior-turned-captor in a battle of wills that will push them both to the brink.

The Blu-ray's features are as follows:

  • NEW 4K Restoration From The Original Film Elements
  • NEW Interview With Director Rob Reiner
  • NEW Interview With Special Makeup Effects Artist Greg Nicotero
  • Audio Commentary With Rob Reiner
  • Audio Commentary With Screenwriter William Goldman
  • "Misery Loves Company" Featurette
  • "Marc Shaiman's Musical MiseryTour" Featurette
  • "Diagnosing Annie Wilkes" Featurette
  • "Advice For The Stalked" Featurette
  • "Profile Of A Stalker" Featurette
  • "Celebrity Stalkers" Featurette
  • "Anti-Stalking Laws" Featurette
  • Trailers

It's easy to see the connections between Annie and any passionate fan who demands they see exactly what they want to see in any installment of their favorite stories, but King has clarified that in the story, Annie actually represents his battles with drugs.


The author revealed in an interview, "Annie was my drug problem, and she was my number-one fan. God, she never wanted to leave."

With the rise of social media and direct connection between fans and creators, many would argue that the toxic relationship seen in the story is more relevant than ever, with fans quick to denounce any new story that changes their perception of characters and events.

Misery is available for pre-order now and releases on November 28.