Mark Wahlberg Has 'Four Brothers' Reunion With Tyrese Gibson

Mark Wahlberg has starred in too many movies to count. The former music star is known for his tough-guy roles and his role as Bobby in the 2005 crime drama Four Brothers is no different. In the film, Wahlberg stars alongside Tyrese Gibson, Andre Benjamin and Garrett Hedlund as adoptive brothers who reunite when their elderly mother is shot and killed. Vowing to avenge her murder, the brothers take matters into their own hands in their hometown of Detroit to bring their beloved mother justice. The Wahlburgers owner recently reunited with his on-screen brother Gibson and couldn't wait to share the moment online with his 18.4 million followers. "Angel and Bobby back together again! RIP John Singleton," Wahlberg captioned the photo of the two with three heart emojis. In the photo, Gibson and Wahlberg give one another a fist pump. 

In a 2005 interview with Pop Entertainment, Wahlberg spoke about what attracted him to the Four Brothers script. "Everything about it. It was the opportunity to play that kind of guy — a guy I could really relate to," Wahlberg said. A self-proclaimed mama's boy, Wahlberg also could relate to the characters growing up in the inner slums as his upbringing in Boston, Massachusetts wasn't always the easiest.

"And so I want to make a movie I want to go out to see as opposed to a lot I made before that I would not want to see unless I was see in them in an airplane or a hotel room. Everything about it was right up my wheelhouse — it was done the right way with the right guys so how could it not be a special movie," he added. 


Four Brothers was distributed by Paramount Pictures. By the end of its theatrical run, it grossed $92.5 million at the box office.  The John Singleton-directed film was received well by critics. One New York Times review noted Wahlberg's usual "most menacing and cheerfully psychopathic," as his character Bobby was the ringleader in the chaos that ensued.