Lifetime's 'A Tale of Two Coreys' Movie Trailer Released

The first promo is out for a new Lifetime movie about the early careers of Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. The movie, titled A Tale of Two Coreys, is said to focus on "the darker side of show business." From the trailer, it looks like the film will take an honest look at drugs, sex and exploitation in the lives of these two teen heartthrobs.

Among the writers credited on the project is Corey Feldman himself. The actor has been outspoken about sexual harassment and assault in the entertainment industry, and it looks like he's telling his story through the very medium in which it takes place. In real life, Feldman claims to have a long list of names of people who are serial abusers in the entertainment industry.

Feldman has appeared on Dr. Oz, the Today show, and many other outlets to talk about the allegations. He says that the police can't help him at this point because his cases are all past the statute of limitations, but he wants to help guide the national conversation around sexual misconduct and make sure it never happens to another teen star again.

Corey Haim has been no less embroiled in sexual assault allegations. Though he passed away in 2010, Haim is in the news this month as some accuse Charlie Sheen of sexually assaulting him decades ago. Sheen, in turn, is suing some news publications for continuing that claim. Meanwhile, Haim's mother denies the allegations against Sheen as well, but says that actor Dominick Brascia abused her son on multiple occasions.


A Tale of Two Coreys premieres on Lifetime on Jan. 6.