'Jackass 4' Trailer Teases Hilarious Return

The Jackass 4 trailer is finally here, and for all the things that have changed, just as many haven't. The 2-and-a-half-minute video shows highlights from past Jackass projects before cutting to some of the new stunts, pranks and insults that make up the new installment. By all appearances, advanced age is not slowing the Jackass crew down.

Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Pontius, Dave Englund and Wee Man all return in the trailer for Jackass 4 — officially titled Jackass Forever. There are also celebrity cameos by Machine Gun Kelly and Eric André, as well as new cast members Jasper, Rachel Wolfson, Season "Poopsie" McInerny, Zack Holmes and Eric Manaka, according to a report by Polygon. Most importantly, the trailer tells us when and where we can see the full movie — on Friday, Oct. 22 and only in theaters.

Jackass Forever is the first new installment of the Jackass franchise since Jackass 3D in 2010. In the time since the brand has been kept alive via movies like Bad Grandpa in 2013. It's also the first project since the cast and creators have undergone some harsh losses and lifestyle changes, including the death of Ryan Dunn in 2011.

Those wounds have not fully healed, as original cast member Bam Margera can attest. Margera was originally meant to be included in this revival, but he was removed after his latest public falling out with Knoxville, director Jeff Fontaine and Spike Jonze, among others. Margera has continued battling addiction and alcoholism with relapses in recent years, but the status of his sobriety is not clear at this time.

Steve-O, on the other hand, proves that some measure of sobriety and even maturity is possible within the world of Jackass. Though he is now an impassioned animal rights activist, Steve-O can be seen pulling stunts with the best of them in the new trailer. He even nonchalantly assures the camera that if he or Knoxville get a concussion during the production, everything will work out fine.


The highlights of the trailer include Knoxville fighting a bull, a marching band on treadmills, a live bear and an exercise bike race in front of a swimming pool with a twist. The reaction from long-time fans of the franchise seems positive so far, though a few are worried that they will have a hard time laughing at the stunts knowing everything the Jackass crew has been through. Jackass Forever premieres on Friday, Oct. 22 in theaters.

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