'IT: Chapter Two' Production Photo Shows Bloody Jessica Chastain as Beverly

A new behind-the-scenes photo form the set of IT: Chapter Two showcases actress Jessica Chastain [...]

A new behind-the-scenes photo form the set of IT: Chapter Two showcases actress Jessica Chastain and possibly shows a major spoiler.

In the photo shared by the film's director — Andy Muschietti — the actress can be seen covered in fake blood and smiling for the camera.

"Ch-ch-ch-ch chastain, and face the strange," Muschietti captioned the photo posted to Instagram. "She's soooo happy when she can smear her fake blood on me."

(Photo: Andy Muschietti / Instagram)

There is no explanation as to why Chastain's character Beverly Marsh — who was played by Sophia Lillis in 2017's IT chapter one — is drenched in blood, but it could reveal that something terrible happens to her or another character, as it's possible she's covered in someone else's blood.

It is also entirely possible that whatever scene this it for could just be flashing back to the blood-soaked-bathroom scene from the first film, but that is unconfirmed.

IT: Chapter Two sees the Losers Club all grown up and having returned to the town of Derry to once again square-off with Pennywise, their supernatural tormentor from when they were kids.

In addition to Chastain, the sequel also stars James McAvoy, Jay Ryan, Bill Hader, Isaiah Mustafa, James Ransone, and Andy Bean.

Following the release of the first IT, Muschietti spoke with Collider about the film and specifically addressed the changes between how Beverly is portrayed in the book and how she is fleshed out in the movie.

"I wanted to dig deeper into that character because for me Beverly even though in the book Bill is the leader of the Loser's I wanted to introduce Beverly as different kind of leader," he explained. "You'll see her character basically confronts her demons much more than the other Losers."

"When she is introduced to the group there is always some kind of admiration or impact in the rest of the kids because she is sort of braver in a way," Muschietti continued. "And it's expressed in the quarry scene where they were all shy from doing the jump and Beverly who has already sort of taken control of her personal hell by cutting her hair."

"A symbolic way of taking control. And she becomes someone else, someone new," the director went on to say. "And that energy sort of infuses to the group when she goes into the quarry. So, we see that bravery in that jump, that jump means a lot in the arc of her character."

Fans can see the evolution of the Losers Club envisioned when It: Chapter 2 opens in theaters on Sept. 6, 2019.