'House Party' Reboot Not Canceled, Heading to Theaters Instead of HBO Max

New Line Cinema's House Party was initially set to air on HBO Max. Deadline now reports that the LeBron James-Maverick Carter-produced reboot will instead open in theaters on Dec. 9 this year. The screenplay was penned by Jamal Olori and Stephen Glover (writers of the hit FX series Atlanta) and stars Tosin Cole, Jacob Latimore, Karen Obilom, and DC Young Fly. It comes more than 30 years after the original film was released, the new film (and possible franchise). It's expected to be a cultural phenomenon for a new generation.

James was thrilled to attach his name to the project, telling The Hollywood Reporter in 2018: "This is definitely not a reboot. It's an entirely new look for a classic movie. Everyone I grew up with loved House Party. To partner with this creative team to bring a new House Party to a new generation is unbelievable." 

The original two films were led by rap duo Kid 'n Play for New Line Cinema's 1990 release. Two others followed in 1991 and 1994. Other big names like AJ Johnson and Martin Lawrence also starred in the movies. Additional House Party films with other stars were released in subsequent years. As with the original, a starstudded soundtrack for the reimagined version is also in the works. Iconic groups like Full Force contributed to the original soundtrack in the '90s. 

"We're trying out some ideas for musicians to be cast in and to be a part of the project," Vince Carter noted, adding that James may make an appearance in the film. "There's no plan for it now, but he's a fantastic actor, and if he wants a role, Stephen will find a great role to put him in." The original movie followed two high school students eager to pull off the biggest house party. The film grossed over $26 million against just a $2 million budget by the end of its theatrical run.