'In The Heights' Stars Share Their Ideas for Potential Sequel Movie

Fans lined up to see the highly-anticipated film In the Heights on his opening day June 10, and now the cast is saying they're totally up for a sequel "even if it takes Lin [Manuel Miranda] 20 years to write" it. The film stars Leslie Grace, Melissa Barrera, Jimmy Smits, Anthony Ramos and more, and shares a vibrant story of a store owner and his decision on how he wants to retire. PopCulture had the opportunity to sit down with several cast members to discuss their excitement for the film.

However, during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Grace said, "We've already started a petition [for a sequel]," and it's probably safe to assume the fans wouldn't mind. "Yes! There is nothing that we would want more in the world," she added. The film is directed by Jon M. Chu and follows the story of a character named Usnavi (Ramos) who owns a bodega in Washington Heights but is thinking about retiring in the Dominican Republic after he inherited some money. The film features vibrant colors and cultures as it shares the stories of Manhattan locals and their future aspirations.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is behind the musical production, along with Quiara Alegría Hudes, and according to Barrera, the cast is up for another film even if it takes Miranda two decades to put it together. "Even if it takes Lin another 20 years to write the sequel, we will all come back [...] I think that there was nothing that we would love more. But we know writing a musical is not an easy thing to do, so it really all depends on Lin and Quiara there. If one day you wake up and they're like, 'I dreamed up the sequel,' and Lin is inspired and writes the songs, I mean, we're there."


The young actress also expressed to PopCulture the pinch-me moment she had when she saw their billboard up in Times Square for the first time, saying she's always dreamed of being on one and she finally got her moment. "It's so iconic and you see all the billboards and you go there and people take pictures and I've always dreamed of having my face up on one of those billboards." Her co-star Corey Hawkins said it was a bit of a "full-circle" moment for him as well since he used to live in Washington Heights and the production was the first one he saw on Broadway.