'Godzilla vs. Kong 2' Release Date: What to Know

The sequel to Godzilla vs. Kong is now scheduled to premiere on March 15, 2024, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The movie is not yet titled and only a few details are available, but it seems like it will continue Warner Bros. and Legendary's attempts to build a lasting franchise out of their megalithic monster intellectual properties. The movie's premiere date came with the rearranging of a few other films on the slate.

Godzilla vs. Kong 2 — or Origins, as it is reportedly titled — will begin filming in late 2022, according to a report by Variety. It will be filmed in Queensland, Australia, and will pick up with the same continuity established in the last few movies. That will be the tenth year since the so-called "Monsterverse" began, so fans may expect some callbacks to Godzilla (2014) and the others in the franchise. 

The sequel reportedly has the working title Origins, but its official title has not been announced yet. It will be directed by Adam Wingard – the filmmaker who directed Godzilla vs. Kong, along with several other high-profile movies of the last decade. It will reportedly star actor Dan Stevens in a new role, which makes sense as Stevens and Wingard have worked together before.

The release date was announced alongside a scheduling change for Dune: Part Two. The highly-anticipated sequel was moved from Oct. 20, 2023, to Nov. 17, 2023, on the schedule. This is a minor shift, apparently meant to capitalize on the Thanksgiving holiday, and it is not clear if it has anything to do with the Monsterverse schedule at all.

Meanwhile, Origins isn't the only Monsterverse project in the works. After several teases from producers and studio executives, Legendary announced that it is working on a live-action streaming series set in the Monsterverse for Apple TV+. According to a report by Deadline, Apple has ordered the show to series, and it will include Godzilla himself.

There are more details available about the series than about the next movie in the franchise. The show will reportedly take place shortly after the battle in San Francisco that confirmed the existence of Titans to the entire world. It will follow one family with a mysterious connection to Monarch as they explore the implications of this realization.

The Monsterverse films, including Godzilla vs. Kong are streaming now on HBO Max. There is no release date for the Apple TV+ series just yet, but the next movie is slated for release on March 15, 2024.