'Ghostbusters' Star Ernie Hudson Calls Reuniting With Original Cast in 'Afterlife' a 'Spiritual' Experience (Exclusive)

After it was officially announced in 2019 that the highly anticipated Ghostbusters follow-up [...]

After it was officially announced in 2019 that the highly anticipated Ghostbusters follow-up directed by Jason Reitman would feature the original cast, fans grew more than excited over the prospect of another chapter with the universe they first came to love from the '80s classics. With chemistry like no other and a cast that millions around the world have revered for decades, the experience of being back on set with co-stars, Bill Murray, Dan Akyroyd, Sigourney Weaver and Annie Potts, Ghostbusters star, Ernie Hudson tells PopCulture.com exclusively in our PopCulture @ Home series that getting back together with the cast was a "spiritual" experience.

"For me to be able to suit up with Danny, and Bill, it was actually spiritual. I didn't realize how much this movie has impacted my life over the past 35 years and this is something, it's very specific, and these are people that I share that with specifically," he said. "We did this thing together and I would run into Danny, or Sigourney, or Annie at different events from time to time. But for us all to be together, it was just very touching."

Humbled by his fame and the love shared by fans for his role in the iconic movie over the years, Hudson said the filming alongside original director Ivan Reitman's son, Jason, was a "great experience" and one that will "reflect in the movie" immensely.

Hudson goes on to share how he keeps in touch with the cast and will occasionally get a text or call from them out of the blue. However, being back on set was a magic he felt like no other, especially after more than 30 years later. "It just felt like, 'Wow, can you believe here we are, in one location?' And that was… just very weird," he said. "Because it's sort of like family, getting together with your brothers. The time you have is being on the set, but also going out together, and just to be together in a location was really great.

Hudson adds how the cast and former director, Ivan, have been talking about another Ghostbusters film since the first one came out, with the 74-year-old admitting, it just would never happen over the years. But it was the teaser trailer and official trailer that really had him excited about the movie's release and continuation. "They would print something in the paper, or be an announcement, and then it didn't happen," he said. "It wasn't until I saw the trailer that I went, 'Okay, this is real.' I thought Jason did a great job putting that together and then it became real to me."

While he is sad like the rest of fans for having to wait till next spring for the movie and watch their favorite stars bust it out, Hudson — who frequents fan conventions and enjoys meeting with fans — said navigating life and social situations in a world post-COVID will be a strange one as we all learn new routines.

"A lot of the basic things we've always shared just as human beings — when someone is feeling down, I love hugging. I'm a hugger," he said. "I would do conventions. I loved shaking hands with people, and just connecting and that's out. And it's very hard, and it's very awkward. I do say, I don't understand why everyone just can't agree to wear a mask if you can't maintain the distance. If you're outside by yourself, that's one thing. But of course, we take our independence very serious. I get that. But we're dealing with something that's life or death. Certainly, life-threatening."

Ghostbusters: Afterlife hits theaters March 5, 2021. Stay tuned to PopCulture.com for more with Ernie Hudson, all things Ghostbusters and everything you want to know about your favorite stars and blockbuster film franchises.