Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Reacts to Projected 'Skyscraper' Box Office Numbers

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson took to Instagram on Saturday to react to the early box office reports [...]

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson took to Instagram on Saturday to react to the early box office reports for his latest movie, Skyscraper.

The movie is set to hit theaters on Friday, July 13, but speculators have already estimated that it will reach a $30 million debut or more. Johnson posted a screen shot from a Forbes article, which based the numbers on prelease tracking. Johnson posted a long message in the caption, thanking his fans and noting the stiff competition Skyscraper will face in theaters.

"Off to a good start on tracking w/ a $30M U.S. number for our SKYSCRAPER debut," he wrote. "Domestic box office is one piece of many pieces that come together for your overall global box office on opening weekend. It was a gutsy move to open our original movie smack dab in the middle of summer where we're surrounded by insanely huge sequels (INCREDIBLES, JURRASIC PARK, ANT MAN & MISSION IMPOSSIBLE), but hey I live to compete and it's always fun to take on the giants."

As for the global box office number, it remains to be seen. Skyscraper has been given the unusual chance to hit theaters in China this month as well, according to a report by The Hollywood Reporter. It will premiere on July 20, a week after it is released in the States, despite China's typical practice of summer blackouts for American movies.

"We'll see what our worldwide number is on opening weekend," Johnson continued. "We made a great movie and now it's time I go sell it to the world. I'll keep ya posted."

Skyscraper benefited from its association with Legendary Entertainment, which is reportedly owned by a Chinese conglomerate called Dalian Wanda Group. On top of that, it is set in Hong Kong, making it an easy decision for China to allow it to play in the middle of the summer. Meanwhile, the competition Johnson mentioned above is still fighting for release dates in the massive Chinese market.

The movie is expected to be something like a contemporary Die Hard, mixed with a number of other popular tropes and escalated to be bigger and more dramatic. However, it became something of a meme on Twitter after it was announced. The initial poster showed Johnson leaping from one building to another, but many noticed that he did not look like he was going to make it.

The post went viral as physicists, mathematicians and other experts tried to calculate how fast Johnson would have to be moving at his weight to make the unlikely jump. While the joke was mostly good-natured, it had a lot of people under the early impression that this would be on the sillier side of the action genre.