'A Christmas Story Live' Is Airing on FOX Again, and Viewers Are Cringing

A Christmas Story has gone on to become a holiday classic in the 36 years since it was released in 1983, but that hasn't made the film untouchable. One of the most notable takes on the franchise is 2017's A Christmas Story Live!, a FOX TV special version of the movie's stage musical adaptation. The special, featuring Matthew Broderick and Maya Rudolph, was aired again on Tuesday, and was not very well received this time around.

Many viewers took to Twitter to vent about their disappointment in the special, which most felt paled in comparison to the original.

"They did A Christmas Story live, and it's the most disrespectful thing I've ever seen on TV," one Twitter user wrote.

"Quickest way to kill your Christmas spirit - put on A Christmas Story Live!" a second user wrote, adding the hashtag for "Somebody Change The Channel."

"OK ... this live Christmas Story musical on Fox is just f—ing bizarre," a third viewer wrote.

"What is this A Christmas Story Live! abomination?" another user wrote.

Others who caught the broadcast had no idea the project even existed, causing a load of confusion.

"Huh... There's A Christmas Story Live (which is a musical, I guess) or there's the movie. I choose the movie after 10 mins of this," one newcomer wrote.

"I just wandered downstairs to find my mom flipping channels and there is a 'live' version of A Christmas Story on Fox right now starring Maya Rudolph?? It's wild out there," a second viewer wrote.

"I was wholly unaware that A Christmas Story Live was a thing until 5 minutes ago. And now...idk how to feel about this information," a third wrote.

However, the reaction to the re-broadcast wasn't totally negative. A handful of Twitter users seemed to like the special and praised it.

"Okay, A Christmas Story live is a lot better than I thought It'd be. — feeling optimistic," one fan wrote.

"Now's a good time to remind everyone that A Christmas Story Live is really good and I love it a lot," a second added.


A Christmas Story Live! is currently airing on FOX.

Photo Credit: FOX