Social Media Demands Gordon Ramsay Be Cast as Angry Chef in 'Little Mermaid'

Halle Bailey was recently cast as Ariel in the live adaptation of The Little Mermaid, and social media has a few other ideas about who should join Bailey in the upcoming film.

According to Twitter, Gordon Ramsay would be the perfect choice to play Chef Louis, the angry French chef who terrorizes Sebastian the crab, namely because Ramsay is known on television as an angry chef (except when he's working with kids) who has a habit of terrorizing the contestants on his various shows. He also loves seafood, which is important.

This tweet, which has since gone viral, started the craze and raked in a number of likes, retweets and colorful responses.

People clearly loved the idea.

Some declared the casting process done and dusted.

Others imagined what Ramsey's lines might be if he were to step into the part.

Ramsay's casting suggestion follows Twitter's conviction that fellow chef Guy Fieri would be perfect for the role of Ursula the sea witch. Fieri responded to that suggestion on Saturday, tweeting lyrics to the song "Under the Sea" from the musical film.


Other more substantial casting rumors include reports of actor Jacob Tremblay in talks to play Flounder, Ariel's aquatic sidekick. The Hollywood Reporter shares that Awkwafina is in talks to play Scuttle the seagull and Melissa McCarthy, not Guy Fieri, is in talks for the role of Ursula.

Photo Credit: Getty / Jason LaVeris