Woman Gets Wrestled to the Ground After Slapping A Police Officer

You may have been mad about a speeding ticket before, but have you ever been "slap a cop in the face" mad about it? A woman in China was, and it was all caught on video.

No real back story is provided, but it's speculated that the woman became enraged while disputing with the officer over a citation he gave her for a traffic violation. The officer remains calm, but the woman's fury only grows. After she repeatedly slaps the officer in the face, some civilian bystanders step in to aid the officer. One man actually grabs the woman's wrist and, seemingly, scolds her, right before she's tackled to the ground. Once down, she begins shaking and convulsing with emotion. It's all very intense.

Based on the evidence in the video, one could speculate that perhaps an accident of some kind took place. Some stalled cars can be seen in the background, while some steadily moving cars can be seen closer to the action. No actual police car is visible. Several people appear right near the end of the video, other than just the lone man who has stepped in to assist the officer, so it's possible that more than just she was impacted by the situation.

Either way, viewers of the video, which was posted to a Chinese social media site in January, seem to be reacting pretty negatively to the video. A few have posted comments, such as "Assaulting police should have a tough sentence," and "Poor distressed Chinese police."

Road rage is often used as a humorous plot device in TV and movies, but in the real world, it's extremely alarming and dangerous. There have even been cases recently where celeb's lost their cool and unleashed their anger on some unsuspecting victims.


(H/T: Daily Mail)

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