Woman Fatally Pushed In Front Of Subway Train In New York

At the Times Square subway station in New York, a woman was fatally pushed to her death into the path of an approaching train. The woman was instantly killed as bystanders watched in horror.

49-year-old Connie Watton was allegedly shoved in front of a subway by a 30-year-old schizophrenic woman named Melanie Liverpool.

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"What happened here today is tragic," chief of transit for the New York City Police Department Joseph Fox said while addressing the reporters at the midtown Manhattan subway station.

On Monday, Liverpool reportedly pushed Watton in front of an oncoming downtown No. 1 train for no apparent reason, according to law enforcement sources.

Emergency responders worked to remove Watton's body from the tracks around two hours after the incident, and were attempting to get the subway service up and running before evening rush hour.

Watton was a married chef who "loved" working in the Big Apple.

Connie Watton's brother-in-law recently discussed the tragic incident with The New York Post.

"Out of a million people, this had to happen to her? She was honestly the most caring, loving, honest person I ever met. She would never hurt anybody. She never feared the city," said the brother-in-law.

Connie's husband was completely distraught by the incident, according to Watton's relative. "He's not doing very well," the relative said. "He's in total shock."

The brother-in-law then discussed Liverpool saying, "I hope she gets prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

The investigators on the case are reviewing surveillance video and interviewing witnesses in order to determine a motive, police department chief of Manhattan detectives William Aubry explained.

Many of the witnesses of this horrific crime were visibly shaken when the authorities interviewed them.

Some of the witnesses of the attack said that the two women were in a dispute before Watton was fatally shoved. However, it is not clear as to whether the women knew each other.

Every year, dozens of people are hit by subway trains in New York City. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, who was responsible for the Manhattan subway, says that most of the incidents are accidental.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Connie Watton's family during this difficult time.


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