These Teens Brought Watermelons Into A Movie Theater And Started A "Revolution"

(Photo: Twitter / YungPriPri)

This may just be the most genius idea we've seen yet. As we all know, the prices for movie theater snacks are outrageously high. In an effort to find a permanent solution, three high school girls came up with an brilliant idea that ended up starting a revolution in sneaking food into a movie theater.

Instead using the age-old lame trick of smuggling a mashed candy bar in your pocket, three eighteen-year-old girls named Priscilla Banuelos, Angelena Sivleira, and Alyssa Lopez got creative on their recent trip to the theater. The three California heroes taped half watermelons to their stomachs and pretended to be pregnant!

Banuelos tweeted out pictures of the covert operation, and the images quickly went viral. The photos have already received over 23k retweets and over 32k likes on Twitter.

"We used duct tape and Saran Wrap and they stayed, and we ended up pulling it off with no questions asked," Banuelos stated to Mashable. While other movie-goers apparently gave the girls judgmental glances for being pregnant at such a young age, little did they know these girls were more clever than they could ever dream to be.

"You could tell people were pretty judgmental because we were such a young group and we were getting a lot of stares from people in the lobby," Banuelos continued.

Banuelos also told the news outlet her favorite part of the adventure. "We did meet a lady, though, who told us we were really cute and [was] asking the gender, but we felt bad so we showed her the watermelon," she wrote. "She thought it was the funniest thing ever and she wanted her daughter to do that next time."

Banuelos, Silveira, and Lopez also carved out a portion of the watermelon to fit in some candy. Unfortunately there was no room to pack sodas or the girls would have been entirely set.

Hats off to these three young girls and their inspiring creativity.


Have you ever seen anyone try to pull off this stunt before at the movie theater?

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