Kanye West Is Not Happy About Kylie Jenner's New Modeling Gig

Sunday night's episode of Keeping Up with The Kardashians showed some drama between Kanye West and his sister-in-law Kylie Jenner.

West was fuming over the fact that the 18-year-old model had taken a job representing Puma, an athletic line in direct competition with his Yeezy Boost Adidas line, according to Entertainment Tonight.

"Kanye had Kylie walk in his first two shows," Kim Kardashian explained in the episode. "He really believed in her as part of his brand."

West was visibly upset and compared the teenager's decision to work for another brand to him leaving KUWTK for another show.

"It's like if I made a show Sunday night, and didn't tell any of you all about it, but I did a couple shows with y'all [first]. So people saw me and were all, 'Ah, he's cool on camera.' And somebody offered me a deal, and I, like, did it and didn't tell none of y'all, and brought all my cool friends," the 38-year-old rapper ranted.

While it may seem like another case of West thinking he deserves credit for making someone else famous, the family agreed that it was a thoughtless move for Kylie to make.

"I don't agree with going against the family," Khloe Kardashian agreed, but called out Kris Jenner, their mother who acts as their manager, as well. "Mom and or Kylie should have presented it to Kanye first."

The matriarch defended her decision saying it was a savvy business move.

"Sometimes it's about a business decision," Kris said.

"Sometimes, when you're dealing with family, it's not really about a business decision," Kanye's wife Kim back.

Fortunately, the family's trip to Cuba wasn't completely spoiled by the drama. They all made up by the end of the episode.

This story first appeared at Womanista.com