Incredible Moment Cows Stranded On Earthquake Island In New Zealand

After a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit New Zealand, there were multiple reports of damage including collapsed buildings, cracked streets, and landslides. Many areas have since been transformed by this monster of a quake. For three unlucky cows, the change in landscape had them stranded and alone.

A helicopter flew over what was once a fertile pasture, but now looks like the aftermath of an apocalypse movie. The land had shifted, cracked, and slid around creating valleys, cliffs of dirt, and rising plateaus of once fertile grass.

Two cows and a calf happened to be stranded on one of those plateaus. As the helicopter flew by, the camera crew took footage of the stranded cows. The two older ones looked up at the copter, and in their own way, were begging for help.

Due to the landslides, there was no way down for the family. The edges of their small area led straight down cliffs of dirt. Upon further inspection, the plateau looked so unsteady that if one of them had even tried to look over the edge, there was a chance it would collapse.

The footage of the cows has since been posted on Twitter, to which many users are calling for someone to help the poor animals. According to World News, the cows have been rescued, and are safely back on sturdy, and solid ground.


As for the people of New Zealand, the earthquake may have caused a lot of damage, but the deaths were at a minimum. At Kaikoura, the epicenter of the quake, only two deaths have been confirmed. However, despite having 5 million more cattle than people in the country, there is no report whether there were any cattle casualties.

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