Has In-N-Out Secretly Entered the Chicken Sandwich Wars on Its Hidden Menu?

Has In-N-Out burger quietly entered the chicken sandwich wars between Chick-Fil-A, Popeyes, Burger [...]

Has In-N-Out burger quietly entered the chicken sandwich wars between Chick-Fil-A, Popeyes, Burger King, McDonald's and others. Casualties have been at a minimum despite the fried nature of the sandwiches and the frenzy surrounding them, but not all chicken decisions are created equal.

For In-N-Out, the vaunted secret menu seems to be its gateway into the fast-food showdown. You can order your fries animal style, stack up patties on your burgers and you apparently can order a chicken sandwich. The latter is not on the menu at the moment, and there has been no announcement made, but some TikTok users are sharing their experience.


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According to The Daily Dot, user andynot2021 is recording his order at the counter and he shoots his shot to get that delicious chicken flavor. "Can I order from the secret menu? Can I get a chicken sandwich?" he says in the clip. In no time at all, a chicken sandwich appears with In-N-Out's sauce and an In-N-Out wrapper.

It all seems legit, and this person has discovered the keys to the kingdom. But many weren't convinced and questioned the order. As The Daily Dot points out, many former employees and fans pointed out that the presentation of the burger is very wrong. "Not wrapped in the paper and the outside pouch is mangle from u switching. Lettuce isn't wedged either. Totally transferred from burger," a commenter notes.

Andynot2021 isn't the only user making the claim. Mommapeaches5 managed to order something called a "chicken burger," with no sauce on it this time. It looks a bit more legit, and the presentation is surrounded by similar burgers in their traditional wrapping. But still, many didn't buy it.

"This is a lie!!! I called the corporate [office], and it isn't true. [People are using] Popeyes chicken and putting it in In-N-Out burger [packaging]," another user wrote, followed by an apparent employee telling people to stop trolling after receiving several orders for the day.


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The truth did shine through eventually, with The Daily Dot reached out to In-N-Out marketing via email to put the matter to rest. "The social media videos featuring a chicken sandwich or chicken burger at out restaurants are not accurate," Kathleen Luppi, marketing specialist, told the outlet. "The videos were likely created as a prank, or to attract online attention."

Does In-N-Out need a chicken sandwich on its menu? How would the regional burger chain make a dent in a flood chicken market? Why isn't Roy Rogers getting as much love as some of these other attempts and failures?