Former 'Voice' Contestant Juliet Simms Detained By FBI After Fight With Husband During Flight

Former The Voice contestant and runner up, Juliet Simms was detained when she landed at LAX after fighting with her husband, Andy Biersack, aboard an American Airlines flight. According to witnesses, Simms was bickering with Biersack and was eventually separated from him and handcuffed by the air marshal.

The two were seated in first class on a flight from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Los Angeles, California. As the flight went on, Simms started to yell louder and louder at her husband. Eventually, according to witnesses, Simms hit Biersack in the face. At that point, flight attendants asked the two to calm down.

That didn't stop Simms, however. The singer continued to yell at Biersack and disturb those sitting around her. According to a video of the two, she kept bringing up a time when Biersack allegedly broke her ribs. Simms and Biersack were later separated by staff.

"I did nothing wrong here. I defended myself against my husband and I've been ridiculed. I would like to exit." Simms is heard saying to a flight attendant in the video.

Eventually, Simms was handcuffed by the air marshal. That, however, didn't calm her down, and she allegedly continued to act out of control. When the plane landed, the Los Angeles police handed her over to the FBI – whose jurisdiction this incident falls under because it happened during the flight.


The couple were questioned and let go. Supposedly this outburst was due to Simms drinking too much alcohol after months of not drinking any. Biersack was sober during the incident. The couple is cooperating with the FBI's investigation into the matter.