Filling Breakfasts Under 300 Calories

The alarm goes off and it's time for breakfast – but far too early to spoil your healthy eating ambitions. With this breakfast roundup, we are making your first meal of the day not only the most important, but also the most tasty and low calorie with each dish weighing in at no more than 300 calories a serving.

1. Paleo Butternut Squash Muffins: Muffins are a morning splurge, right? Not anymore. These mini muffins offer the sweet flavor of butternut squash with the portability of a grab-and-go breakfast – minus the calories and sugar!

(Photo: Physical Kitchness)

2. Asparagus and Swiss Cheese Frittata: This slimmed down frittata is perfect for a big day! The combination of shallots, asparagus and swiss cheese make for a tasty start and great leftovers! (via Skinnytaste)

asparagus and swiss fritata

3. Huevos Rancheros with Avocado Salsa Verde: Who said you couldn't sit down to a restaurant style breakfast dish at home in the morning without breaking your vow to eat healthy? This vegetarian Mexican dinner can be served morning or night, and at under 200 calories a serving, there's no reason not to eat like you're at a restaurant every morning. (via Cookie and Kate)

(Photo: Cookie + Kate)

4. Skinny Greek Omelet: This omelet is a morning favorite because you can whip it up in under 15 minutes! Not only are eggs protein packed to keep you fuller longer, this omelet will help you to meet your required veggies for the day.

Greek Omelet

5. Skinny Banana French Toast Bake: This recipe is simple to make but elaborate enough to serve guests without them ever knowing it's less than 300 calories a serving. This make-ahead recipe can be chilled overnight and taken out to impress your guests and taste buds the next morning.

skinny banana french toast bake

6. Cauliflower Hashbrown Cups: Healthy, delicious tasting and EASY to make. These Cauliflower 'Hashbrown' Egg Cups skip the extra carbs by eliminating hash browns and replacing it with the superfood veggie, cauliflower. Make a batch over the weekend and you've got healthy breakfast prepped for the week ahead.


7. Carrot Cake Waffles: Did you hear carrot cake? And waffle? Yes, you did. And under 300 calories? Oh wait, and cream cheese frosting? This breakfast dish will feel like an indulgence…and maybe even double as dessert. (via Chocolate Covered Katie)

Healthy Carrot Cake Waffles

8. Spinach Feta Egg White Wrap: A filling wrap worthy of center display at a specialty breakfast deli, this wrap is filling, flavorful, and easy on the calorie count making it a breakfast menu must-have. (via Dashing Dish)

egg wrap main

9. Cranberry Banana Baked Quinoa Oatmeal: Savory and sweet make this breakfast dish a treat for the taste buds as well as your daily calorie count. A scrumptious staple dish that is sweet, filling, and simple to prepare.

(Photo: Wendy Polisi)

10. Quinoa Banana Pancakes: Quinoa may be in your pantry, but you probably haven't incorporated quinoa into your breakfast...yet. This hearty banana pancake recipe is the perfect way to incorporate your quinoa supply and get an energizing and tasty breakfast in.

healthy quinoa banana pancakes

11. Turkey Bacon, Egg White, Spinach Breakfast Sandwich: Before you tempt yourself into grabbing a drive-thru breakfast sandwich, save yourself some cash and calories by whipping together this simple, yet uber tasty breakfast sandwich in your own kitchen.


12. Pumpkin French Toast Sticks: Skip your average French toast in lieu of our delicious pumpkin cream filled French toast sticks! And, you'll feel good about this nutritious morning meal with three sticks only clocking in at 220 calories!

13. Slow Cooker Apple Pie Oatmeal: There is no reason you can't indulge in dessert like taste, without the heavy burden of feeling like you overindulged. A breakfast dish you can prepare before bed and wake up to the aroma of a scrumptious meal to start your day.

Slow Cooker Apple Pie Oatmeal

14. Low-Carb Sushi Breakfast Rolls: These Breakfast Sushi Rolls are a greate way to pack everyone's favorite breakfast items (bacon, eggs, and crescent rolls) into just a few savory, mouthwatering bites for a fun, convenient, forkless breakfast on the run.

Skinny Mom Low Carb Breakfast Sushi Rolls

15. Skinny Crustless Quiche: Quiche is a breakfast and brunch favorite but can easily derail healthy eating goals. This crustless quiche offers the flavor and savor of a traditional quiche at only 111 calories a serving. So filling and delicious, don't be surprised if you end up serving this dish for dinner too!

Crustless Quiche

16. Healthy Banana Waffles: These waffles, ringing in at 157 calories per serving, are a great breakfast for the whole family! If you are looking for a wholesome way to start the day, these waffles will provide.

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17. Skinny Avocado Egg Scramble: This amped up egg is a perfect breakfast for a morning rush. In only 10 minutes, you can have a flavorful breakfast that will keep you going until lunch.

skinny avocado egg scramble

18. Vanilla Cinnamon Protein Pancakes: When a pancake panic brings a need for hotcakes into your head, then look to this recipe to make a filling, protein filled stack of goodness that will cure your sweet tooth and need for flapjacks in a flash.

Beautiful picture of pancakes on a table