Farrah Abraham Has a Fight With Her Mother That Will Shake You to the Core on 'Teen Mom OG'

Farrah Abraham's life is as explosive as always. According to Cosmopolitan, this week's episode of Teen Mom was focused on her mother, Debra. Their complicated relationship has played out for years as the two have never seemed to be able to meet eye to eye. This argument started over Abraham getting upset that her mom had a negative attitude about the traffic they were in.

(Photo: MTV)

The fight continued into Abraham's home where Danielson mentions Abraham needs to run her business differently. Abraham unleashed on Danielson, demanding she go to her room and not speak to her daughter.

Her daughter, Sophia, and Abraham sit down for a second and Sophia tells her mom, "You're not very nice." Abraham counters by telling Sophia she isn't very nice because she's whiney.

Sophia, who is clearly the biggest victim in this whole family dynamic, said, "You make me whiney," before running off to comfort and cry with Danielson.

Is it time for Farrah to leave Teen Mom OG yet?


This story first appeared at Womanista.