Weird Chocolate Pairings That Will Seduce Your Taste Buds

This month, Cupid is playing matchmaker with more than just the unwitting guy and gal sitting next to each other on the park bench. Your favorite indulgence is getting cozy with some of the most unusual partners, and suddenly the suspicion that opposites attract might just prove to be the rule. Chocolate is more versatile than you think, making friends with more than just peanut butter and pretzels. Get creative with these palatable pairings this Valentine's Day to literally spice up your evening with that special someone.

White Chocolate and Caviar: Set aside all preconceived notions. This dynamic duo is best with a one-to-one ratio. Serve a small heap on a white chocolate disc and let it melt on your tongue to savor the sweet and salty flavor. Just like with peanut butter and chocolate, the saltiness of the caviar enhances the flavor and balances with the sweetness. (via Molecular Recipes)


White Chocolate and Basil: Most commonly found in your pesto sauce, basil adds a savory, peppered quality to the sweet flavor of the chocolate. This combo gives an exquisiteness to your smooth white chocolate. Click here for your guide to other herbs and spices to try more fresh pairings.

White Chocolate

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Dark Chocolate and Olives: This happy couple also capitalizes on the sweet-and-salty equation. According to Gourmet, the briny center of the olive and the bittersweet dark chocolate create an undeniably rich flavor.

Dark Chocolate and Jalapeños: Sweet and spicy work together seamlessly to make a seductive team. The dark chocolate tempers the heat while the jalapeño packs a serious punch to really ignite the fiery flavor.

red hot peppers

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Milk Chocolate and Bacon: Indulging in this treat could be dangerous. The sweet-and-salty taste that's already proven to be a hit returns to tempt you into blowing your otherwise healthy diet. You will have to fight to remember the word "moderation" while you satisfy your cravings for perfection.

Milk Chocolate and Peppers: Another combination that will make you sweat, chocolate and peppers puts sweet and sizzly up against one another. Creamy chocolate and crisp hot peppers are a match you have to try!


As you embark on a flavor-filled adventure, your self-control might be challenged more than ever. Remember that while chocolate can be heart-healthy and help reduce stress, you have to be smart about how much you're eating and in what form. Spend an evening trying these delectable treats, but don't cheat yourself out of a successful diet. Get inspired to experiment with unlikely pairings to add to your daily recipe book. Flavor can make a healthy but otherwise bland meal surprisingly delicious.

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