A C-Section Mom Must Read

C Section Book

Mary Beth Knight, is not only an amazing woman personally, she is a fitness expert, innovator, educator and the author of a great book titled, "Strategies for the C-Section Mom".

"Strategies for the C-Section Mom," is a comprehensive guide through the entire process of cesarean surgeries. The first few chapters cover topics such as how to prepare for the surgery, what to expect during and how you are going to feel after. More importantly, it gives you a realistic idea of how your recovery process will be at home, and how to prepare yourself and your family members for a smooth transition with your new baby.

pregnant belly from side

The rest of the book talks about the road back to fitness, nutrition and your new lifestyle through the first 18 months postpartum. It's a blueprint you need to exercise safely and effectively that can speed up your recovery, adopt a nutritionally sound diet, cope with emotional issues, and offers tons of motivation to encourage you to not give up. The book also includes photographs that show you exactly how to perform several different exercises properly.

This book can be read in one evening. Mary Beth is very relatable in her story telling, which makes this one an easy read. She makes you realize ignorance isn't bliss, and helps you to really understand what's about to happen to your body. It's a great book to utilize as a workout guide post delivery, and also a great guide for your husband and family members as well so they know what to expect!

This book is great to give to any friend or family member that may have recently went through a c-section, or to anyone about to have a baby...for those unplanned c-section deliveries. Click here to purchase your own copy.