Halsey Jokes About Remaking 'Twilight' With a Same-Sex Couple

Singer Halsey endorsed the idea of remaking the Twilight movies, just six years after the last one was released, but with a same-sex couple.

Back on Monday, the "Without Me" singer singer bemoaned the lack of cool vampires in pop culture today.

"i miss when vampires were cool can we make vampires cool again," she wrote.

"twilight 4 ft halsey and kristen stewart now that i would watch," a fan replied, although there were five movies already.

Halsey quickly noticed the response, retweeting it and joking, "twilight but make it Gay."

The Twilight movies starred Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, and were based on the four novels by Stephanie Meyer, with the fourth adapted over two movies. The films grossed a combined $3.3 billion worldwide.

Halsey recently showed off her acting skills when she served as both host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live earlier this month. However, aside from appearing in her own music videos and making a cameo in Bradley Cooper's A Star Is Born as herself, she has not acted as a character in a film. She did voice Wonder Woman in Teen Titans Go! To The Movies last year.

Aside from her joke about a same-sex Twilight movie, Halsey was busy debunking a pregnancy rumor on Twitter.

"I have The Biggest Secret (unrelated to the album) and when u guys hear it, some of you are gonna explode...into actual pieces," she tweeted on Monday.

This launched fan speculation she was expecting, but this was not true.

"people think my last tweet is me hinting I’m pregnant, which means I’m either: a. gaining weight... b. acting weirder than usual," she tweeted. "jokes on u, I’m doing BOTH! however STILL not pregnant!"

Fans have been theorizing about her being pregnant since she told Marie Claire in July she might have a baby after her tour is over.

"Once the tour is over, I feel like anything could happen. I could decide I want to move to Italy for a year and write. I could get pregnant. I finally have enough stability in my career where I can take a breath," she said. "I feel like I can let life happen."

Halsey later assured fans she was being "hyperbolic" and the only baby she plans on making is her next album.

On Thursday, Halsey released the video for "11 Minutes" with Yungblud and Travis Baker. The video shows Yungblud repeatedly trying to save Halsey from a car crash.

“We don’t realise how much we need something until it’s taken away from us,” Yungblud said in a statement to Billboard. “We are so distracted and focused on what’s next, we can fail to see what is actually in front of us.”


Halsey will also be honored at the iHeartRadio Awards with the Fangirls Award. The ceremony is scheduled for Thursday, March 10 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles and will air on FOX.

Photo credit: Mike Marsland/WireImage/Getty Images