'All That' Star Reveals Embarrassing Moment with Britney Spears During 90s Con Reunion Panel

Several cast members from the original run of All That reunited at 90s Con this weekend, and they aired their most embarrassing secrets. During the panel, a fan asked if any of the cast members recalled "bloopers or mishaps" that never made it to air. Comedian Danny Tamberelli boldly shared a story about his encounter with Britney Spears that had fans falling out of their chairs laughing.

The All That panel featured Lori Beth Denberg, as well as Kel Mitchell and a surprise appearance by Kenan Thompson fresh off the announcement of Good Burger 2, So Tamberelli should get some major credit for stealing the show with this story. There was a brief silence after the question was asked before Tamberelli said ominously: "I've got one." The crowd was already laughing and his co-stars muttered "uh oh" as Tamberelli began setting the scene.

"It's – well, see, what happened was... Britney Spears did a performance [on All That], and we all come out afterwards, and she took a vow," Tamberelli explained. "I just happened to see the tattoo that was on her lower back. And I guess in my 16-year-old adolescence, it was just a just a straight up..." Here, Tamberelli mimed a wide-eyed stare that had everyone in the room laughing. Of course, the real embarrassment came in getting caught.

"After that tape, the director pulled me aside and said, 'We're going to do that one more time – we're going to say give it up for Britney Spears, or whatever – and you are not going to look at anyone except the audience in front of you. Do you understand?!'" Tamberelli recalled. "So, clearly that's the one that made the cut."

The other panelists teased Tamberelli, asking if the tattoo was imprinted on his memory in exquisite detail. After he described it, Denberg appended to his sentence: "—your honor," and Thompson joked that Spears must have taken out a restraining order against Tamberelli. The tattoo came up several times in the remaining 15 minutes of the panel as all the comedians on stage vied for the best punchline.

For those interested in digging up the source of Tamberelli's story, it is most likely from Season 6, Episode 10, as seen in the clip above. Spears was the musical guest on that episode, which also happened to be Tamberelli's last appearance on the show. Spears made two more appearances in subsequent seasons but not as a musical guest.

The second annual 90s Con gathered some of the biggest stars of TV and movies from the 1990s to reflect on the era and how it has influenced media today. It also came with some big announcements – particularly at the All That panel where Thomson and Mitchell shared some new details on Good Burger 2. The original run of All That is streaming now on Paramount+.