You Can Live Like Molly Ringwald In The Home From "Sixteen Candles"

The Chicago-area home from the 1984 John Hughe's film Sixteen Candles is now up for sale. The 3,250-square-foot property at 3022 Payne St. in Evanston, Illinois served as the fictional residence of the Bakers and has been placed on the market for $1.49 million.

The Evanston area is a suburb just outside of Chicago, and is also home to Northwestern University. As most of John Hughes's fans would recall, the director has an affinity for setting his films in the Chicago suburbs area because he was raised there as a teen. Movies such as "Home Alone," "The Weather Man," and "Uncle Buck" were all set in the traditional neighborhood setting like that of Evanston.

The house for sale has six bedrooms, four baths and was recently listed on the market on June 3. Other interesting features of the house include large media and recreation rooms plus a two-car garage. According to the home's listing agent, a variety of suitors have already indicated their interest in purchasing the home.

"We've had serious interest and people that just want to come through because it was their favorite movie," Jill Blabolil, of @Properties, told ABC News. Blabolil also mentioned that included in the price of the property is a Sixteen Candles movie poster that has been passed down to each owner.

While the home is the same one from the popular movie, it has since been renovated after being featured in Sixteen Candles, and now includes an outdoor kitchen and a backyard fireplace.


The real life owners at the moment are investment banker Stephen Miles and his wife, according to Forbes. The new buyers of the property will be the third owners to purchase the home since the movie's filming, according to Blabolil.

Would you ever want to live in a house like the one featured in Sixteen Candles?