24: Legacy - Carlos Bernard Talks Tony Almeida's Action-Packed Return, What To Expect This Season [Exclusive]

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for the latest episode of 24: Legacy!

Fans of 24 have been waiting on Tony Almeida's return for quite a while now, and the day has finally come. Tony Almeida is back, and he's as action-packed as ever.

After one phone call, Tony was back to his bad-ass ways. The first big scene with the character - since his days on the classic 24 - saw him kidnap Henry Donovan, by the orders of daughter-in-law Rebecca Ingram.

The former CTU boss hired Tony as a mercenary, and he's doing everything he can to help Rebecca catch Bin-Khalid.

While talking with ComicBook about tonight's episode of 24: Legacy, Carlos Bernard let us in on the life of Tony Almeida. The actor let us know what the character is up to, and whether or not he was ready for his call to action.

"I don't think he was expecting it, I think he's doing the job that he gets to make money. I think he's taking on the work that he takes on now to survive you know? However, I think once he's in it, I think it's - you know it's interesting because I feel like he's a guy who's now, you know he's obviously a heavily damaged person. Been through a lot. Not the least of which is being stuck in solitary confinement for a while, which could really f*** with a person, right?

He's a guy who really is surviving and doesn't trust the government, doesn't trust government agencies. He's in for himself now, or so he thinks, I think. I think that when the circumstances come up behind what this job is about, in other words, terrorist attacks and trying to stop more bloodshed, I think that, that actually hits to the core of who he really is inside. I think it awakens something in him. As far as it's not just a job."

At the end of the episode, Tony is going all-in on his torture of Henry. He's stopped however, as John requests not to do anything more until he gets there. Rebecca knows that Henry is lying, but she honors John's wish.

When the next episode begins, John and Tony are going to be face-to-face. Bernard says that they're clashing ideologies will cause quite a bit of tension.

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"Yeah well I mean I think that's two philosophies going at it you know? I think Jimmy [Smits]'s character believes in, to not believe in torture, believes that there's rules and regulations to follow and there's a proper way to do things and a legal way to do things. I think Tony has lived a different life. Has a different view of reality, you know?

Has a different reality, period, that he believes you know, this is the real world and this is how it really works by the way and you don't know what you're talking about. I mean that's sort of where those two collide, you know?"

John and Tony might not get along, but that wasn't the case for the actors portraying them. The former is played by TV legend Jimmy Smits, and Bernard had a blast working alongside him.

"It was great, it was fun, we had a great time. I really respect Jimmy. I'm a big fan of his over the years, and we had met before, but briefly. That was the first time we got to work together so that was, it was great man. It was a lot of fun. He's so much fun to work with because he is in it, you know? He is in it. He plays for keeps and I love that. It was a lot of fun."


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