Watch: Gator Chases Children in Florida Neighborhood

Earlier this week in Florida, a five foot long alligator was captured after residents saw it chasing children. Deputy Jason Hickman helped the trapper tape the gators mouth shut.

Police let residents take a good look at what could have ended tragically before they sent the gator to an alligator farm. The deputy said that at that size the gator can be really curious.

"I was scared as hell. That's a gator! It was a big gator, too. He was longer than this truck." Brenda Mike, who saw the gator first told WPBF.

"It could have ate them…I couldn't save them, 'cause I was scared myself."

Mike called the police knowing that she couldn't do anything to prevent the gator from attacking the kids, however, she said she tried to distract the gator.

"I took a little barbecue sauce cup, and threw it," she said.

"I mean, he snapped at that cup. So what was he going to do to the kids?"

Thankfully neither the children nor the alligator were injured.