Warren Sapp Gets Bitten By A Shark

(Photo: ABC - Dancing With The Stars)

Former professional football player and Dancing with the Stars competitor Warren Sapp had a run-in with a shark earlier today. It seems the retired Tampa Bay Bucs star likes to relax on charter fishing trips, except his more recent excursion in the Florida Keys didn't prove to be so relaxing.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, charter captain Jack Carlson informed them, "It's simple. He was lobstering with me and a shark bit Sapp while he was grabbing the lobster. He's OK."

Carlson's charter, Two Conchs, posted an Instagram photo of Sapp's shark bite. While Sapp might be ok, it looks like the shark put a pretty big gash in his arm, which will almost certainly require stitches.


According to witness reports, the shark that bit Sapp appeared to be small nurse shark around four feet long. While that size injury might send most men running to the nearest emergency room, Sapp is said to have bandaged the bite up with gauze and kept fishing.