Verizon Claps Back At Sprint With New Jamie Foxx Advertisement

In the ongoing advertising battle between the wireless companies, Verizon shot back at Sprint in a big way with this new Jamie Foxx ad. The commercial features Jamie Foxx and a "double," who looks like nothing like Foxx, in order to contrast the 4G LTE coverage of their networks.

The commercials are in direct response to the Sprint ads featuring Paul Marcarelli, who previously was the "can you hear me now?" pitchman for Verizon. In the Sprint ads featuring Marcarelli, he declares that all networks are great now, so people should make the switch over to Sprint's lower-cost service and half-off rate plan promotion.


In Verizon's ad, there is a map of the United States representing the coverage from Verizon vs. the coverage of Sprint. Most of the Verizon map is covered in red, as the Sprint mad is sparsely covered in yellow with most of the western half of the nation missing coverage.

Industry analyst, Roger Entner, stated, "That Verizon has to respond with a coverage map shows you that Sprint's ad is working." He continued, "Previously it was like, Sprint did this and everybody was shrugging their shoulders."

Sprint spokeswoman Adrienne Norton has mentioned that she believes the Verizon ad does not accurately represent the 4GLTE coverage that Sprint offers. "We think the ad is misleading because both Sprint and Verizon cover well over 90 percent of where people are actually located in the country. We have LTE where nearly everybody lives, and we have roaming to cover everywhere else," Norton wrote in an email.


She continued by stating,"Yes, our footprint is smaller in some markets, but our network covers every major market in the U.S., from Los Angeles to New York, Seattle to Boston, Kansas City and every big city in between."

What do you think? Did Verizon's new advertisement with Jamie Foxx totally smack down the Sprint ads with Paul Marcarelli?