Supergirl Stuntwoman Makes American Ninja Warrior History

Stuntwoman Jessie Graff continues to display her superhuman feats behind and in front of the camera, and again topples a record or two along the way.

Graff's day job is as a stunt performer on The CW's Supergirl, but in her off-time, she's made a habit out of impressing millions of fans on American Ninja Warrior. She's made it all the way to Stage 1 of the National Finals, the most difficult course the show has created thus far. It had already spelled the end for multiple competitors in this round, and the course had not yet been conquered by a woman.

While Graff left the Wonder Woman inspired outfit at home, she didn't need the costume to impress.

She breezed past the first two obstacles with ease, and past the propeller bar which had already claimed a few victims that night. She never seemed stressed, and conquered the next few obstacles with grace and speed. She even pulled a superhuman feat of her own towards the end, reaching up to grab the final wall with one hand and managing to pull herself up.


Graff finished at impressive 0:12.39, and will be the first woman to move to round 2 of the National Finals. You can watch her entire running of the course in the video above.