Spear-Gun Wielding Student Survives A Battle With Great White Shark

Tyler McQuillen, 22, and his friends were swimming off the coast of Santa Barbara, but they weren't the only ones in the water.

A hungry shark slithered through the ocean somewhere nearby. Suddenly, McQuillen felt a sharp tug at his leg. He thought his friends were playing a prank on him, but when he turned he saw something much more terrifying: a great white shark.

The creature bit into McQuillen's fin, causing him to drop the spear gun he was carrying. When the shark swam away he quickly retrieved his weapon just in time to fend off the next attack.

The shark returned with a vengeance, this time going after McQuillen's head. But he pushed the shark away and was saved for a second time. When the shark circled back for a third attack, McQuillen jammed the spear gun into the creature's side.

Wounded, the great white shark scurried off, and McQuillen walked away from the life-threatening situation with nothing more than a few broken toes.


It just goes to show you, never give up.

[ H/T YouTube Inside Edition ]