'Strangers Things' Has Been Brilliantly Mashed Up With 'Charlie Brown'

(Photo: MonkeyManWeb.com)

While this mash-up may sound peculiar at first, when you think about it the characters from Netflix hit series Stranger Things and Peanuts may have a lot more in common than you realized. Artist Brian Richard made the connection between the two shows, and brilliantly brought the idea to life in this amazing fan art he shared on Reddit.

Other than the obvious connection between the great friendships amongst both groups of characters, Charlie Brown's friends matchup perfectly with Stranger Things characters Eleven, Lucas, Mike, and Dustin.

A Charlie Brown Christmas Special is no doubt a classic, but who wouldn't love to see the gang switch things up and square off against a Demogorgon? Or maybe if Stranger Things ever gets a second season, we can convince the showrunners to implement Charlie Brown into the story in some way.

This Reddit user and artist, Brian Richard, has become internet famous for his art series that takes an interesting perspective on familiar faces from pop culture. He started doing the daily drawing exercise in 2008, and he is still going strong. Richard may not post new artwork daily like he used to, but every time he does it has everyone cracking up. To check out his drawings, you can see many of them at his website.

You can also follow Brian Richard on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with his original designs and fan art.


What do you think about this Stranger Things and Peanuts mash-up art?

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