Sons Of Anarchy Star Solidifies Involvement With Spin-Off Mayans MC

Details on the Sons Of Anarchy spin-off have been scarce during the writing stages of the project, with nothing more than cryptic tweets and rumors flying around.

On Monday afternoon, one of the show's stars further solidified his involvement in the spin-off.

Emilio Rivera, who played Alvarez on Sons Of Anarchy, has teased his involvement with the project on social media. The actor played the president of Mayans MC on Sons has been thought to be involved due to his role.

It's still unclear as to what kind of role Rivera will have in the upcoming series. He was president of Mayans MC on Sons Of Anarchy, but he hesn't confirmed that he will reprise that role on the new show. His involvement as an actor heavily depends on when the series ends up taking place.

If the rumors are true, Mayans MC will take place before the events of Sons Of Anarchy. Many believe that Jax, the main character on SOA, will be a young child during the spin-off.

If this is the case, it may be difficult for Rivera to play the same role. Given Alvarez would have to appear thirty years younger than he did on the original series, it's unlikely Rivera could return in that way.

This leaves two options for Emilio Rivera and Mayans MC. First, he could just be serving as a series producer, not as an actor. The second, and more likely option, is that Mayans MC will appear closer in time to the original series.

Either way, this post appears to solidify Rivera's involvement with the project, as he claims he and the show creators are "Rolling out" with Mayans MC.

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