Skateboard Legend Tony Hawk Lands 900 At Age 48

17 years to the day after landing his first 900, skateboarder Tony Hawk returned to the half pipe to see if he still could land the incredible trick. At age 48, Hawk wanted to see if he still had the skills he did when he was younger, and as it turns out...he does.

The video Tony Hawk posted on his Facebook page begins with him driving to the warehouse to perform the trick. He claims the successful completion of the 900 was the apex of his competitive career, and wants to give it another try. Hawk said to the camera, "I'm going to try a 900 today. Because I feel like I can, and I never thought I would be doing this at my age when I was young. I really didn't think that was a possibility."

Upon arriving at the warehouse, Hawk attempted and failed the trick seemingly dozens of times. He even posted a picture on Facebook of the damage done to his legs after crashing to the hardwood surface repeatedly.

Then finally after failing a handful of times, he achieved his personal goal and landed the 900 in spectacular fashion. He immediately ripped off his elbow pads and helmet and claimed that this might be his last 900 ever. Luckily, the awesome footage was caught on video and posted on Facebook for all of us to enjoy.

Hawk posted the video with the caption: "Here is a 900 at age 48 (exactly 17 years after my first), just to see if I could do it. Sincere thanks to Nikon and MINI for believing in this aging skateboarder for so many years. And thanks to all of you for allowing me to live this dream much longer than I ever imagined."


Check out the video above to see Tony Hawk complete the amazing skateboard trick, in what may be the final 900 he ever performs.