Controversial ‘6-Pack Mom’ Shares Nude Photo to Reveal Baby’s Gender and It's Wild

The controversial 'six-pack mom' is back!

Sarah Stage, fitness and social media star, took to Instagram Friday to share that she's expecting baby boy #2 in October.

IT'S A BOY!! 💙 we are so excited !!!! Can't stop smiling!!! more details if you click link in BIO

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But instead of congratulating her on learning the sex of her little one, followers were more interested in commenting on her insane fit body at six months pregnant.

"Is ur baby playing hide and go seek? cuz i can't seem to find where it is," one follower wrote.


Others came to Stage's defense, with one user saying, "Just because y'all developed a kangaroo pouch during pregnancy doesn't mean that she has to too. 🙊"

Many followers also pointed out that Stage's first pregnancy—which garnered major media attention—left her with a small bump and visibly shredded abs throughout her 9-month term.

After posting her first pregnancy photo in 2015, her Instagram following quickly grew to over one million, but Stage told Cosmopolitan that she didn't see what set her apart from all the other pregnant women on Instagram.


"I didn't think anything of the way I looked, I just thought, This is me," she said. "I think women are beautiful, and we're all different shapes and sizes. Some women don't show a lot when they're pregnant and my mom carried this way when she was pregnant. She didn't show until around six months, so I didn't think anything of it."

Though critics of both baby bumps wondered if the children were being malnourished, Stage gave birth to baby James—8.7 pounds and 22 inches— in 2015. He was a very healthy baby born with no complications, and the fitness star's doctor says her second child is developing just fine, too.