Russell Crowe Kicked Azealia Banks Out Of Party After She Made Bloody Threats

Russell Crowe seems to be a pretty fun guy to hang around, and a dinner party at his place with some good tunes sounds like it would be beyond fun. Rapper Azealia Banks didn't think so though. TMZ is reporting that she was a "plus one" to a small dinner party hosted by Crowe which went south, fast.

(Photo: Twitter / @RussellCroweUK)

Eyewitnesses have told TMZ that Banks was a guest of rapper RZA and she took things from volume two to volume 11 at the party. She allegedly threatened guests with a glass saying she would cut them and blood would go everywhere. According to TMZ, Banks also dropped several n-words to then which Crowe subdued her, kicked her out, and called security.

Bottom line, Crowe and Banks getting into it at a dinner party sounds like an intense end to an evening.

We hope that everything was resolved and that the matter can go away without anymore back and forth.