Rick & Morty Creators React To Easter Egg In Justice League Trailer

ricky morty justice

I spy with my eye something...wait, is that Ricky & Morty? The hugely popular Adult Swim show looks like its pop culture status just got raised a notch or twenty. Why, you might be asking? Well, courtesy of one very attentive Twitter user, fans have now realized there's a Rick & Morty easter egg hidden in the Justice League trailer. And, man, the show's creators are freaking out about it.

In case you've been time traveling or living under a space rock, Warner Bros. just dropped their first footage of Justice League at San Diego Comic Con this past weekend to insane reactions. The clip, which features Bruce Wayne recruiting his JLA companions, is super-short yet filling for comic fans. And, apparently, a Rick & Morty reference can be found in the scene where Bruce Wayne meets Barry Allen, AKA: The Flash.

Bruce introduces himself to Barry as he chills inside the teen's shabby lair, clearly surprising the speedster. Sitting in a chair, fans can see several TVs stacked behind Bruce, and one Twitter user enhanced that screenshot after they thought they saw something oddly familiar on one of the screens. And, behold, they were right: A still image from Rick & Morty can be seen on one of the TVs behind Bruce Wayne.

Creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon have since logged onto Twitter to react to the awesome news. Fans flooded their feeds with mentions, hoping the duo would see how their work has spread. Harmon simply wrote, "Wait..for real??" before tweeting the photo at his friend. Roiland then answered over an hour later, writing, "This is insane. How?! HOW IS THIS REAL??"


So, clearly, it's safe to say that The Flash just gained some major cred in the pair's book. In fact, The Flash has been stirring up lots of attention since the trailer debut as fans are pointing to the hero as a fan-favorite, citing Eza Miller's perfectly awkward performance. Now, I wonder what other kind of references will be seeing in the Justice League when it drops later next year...