Country Singer RaeLynn Adjusts to Life as a Military Wife

It has been six months of ups and downs as country singer and former "The Voice" star, RaeLynn, and husband Joshua Davis experience life as part of the military.

Davis joined basic training back in February of this year and his singer-songwriter wife opened up to PEOPLE about how life without him has been. "I haven't talked to him in three weeks, and I haven't seen him in a month. It's crazy."

While the two have been mum on which branch of service Davis was training for, she did have this to say about her husband, "He's interested in just being a bad ass, my husband was rucking 65-lb. packs on his back doing 12-mile hikes a day."

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With all that the "Hell on Heels" singer has going on, it is no wonder she wanted to give a special performance on the Fourth of July. RaeLynn took the stage with the 101st Airborne Division Rock Band at Fort Campbell located at the Kentucky-Tennessee border, to honor all those in the military and their families.

In a post on Instagram about the performance, she wrote, "Wouldn't want to spend my 4th of July anywhere else but with the families that serve daily by having a loved one fight for our freedom every day. Thank you Fort Campbell for having me last night! #america #wearesoblessed."

Getting to spend time with those who have loved ones in the military is especially important now more than ever. The bubbly star is able to keep it all in perspective, luckily, "This is just a piece of our story," she told Rare Country. "I think that's an important thing to remember, because nothing is forever. Even what I'm doing now is not forever. That's why when I married him. I wanted to build something that is going to last forever. I know it's going to." As previously reported by Womanista, Raelynn reunited briefly with her husband in early May. Posting a series of photos as the couple enjoyed a quick few days together.

She is also candid about the possibility of where Davis will be stationed as that has not been announced yet. "I'm extremely nervous [about him going oversees,] especially because he's my husband," she explained to Rare Country. "But my brother is in the Army as well, and I've always been in constant prayer over him and I know that he's going to be OK."


We are wishing the best to the couple and to all the military families out there who serve their country.


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