President Obama Reveals His Favorite Rappers

On Friday morning, Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States of America, was a guest on SiriusXM's Sway in the Morning show, and during his appearance, the president was asked which teams will win the Super Bowl and NBA Finals in 2017 and predicted victories for the New England Patriots, because of their quarterback Tom Brady, and the Golden State Warriors, because of their Kevin Durant acquisition.

However, things got more interesting when Sway asked the president to name his favorite rappers.

"I think the young guys, Kendrick [Lamar] and Chance [the Rapper] are doing amazing work. I love Drake, and the girls love Drake, and, you know, so, he's commercially just doing great, and unbelievably talented," he replied. "And, you know, Jay Z's still the king. I mean, you know, he's got a track record. Same with Kanye [West], so there's a lot of talent out there, but when I look at who's breaking new ground, Kendrick and Chance, those guys are doing just amazing work.And they're wonderful young men.

"Chance, I've known for years 'cause his dad was my state director when I was a senator in Illinois," he added, "so I first met Chance when he was 8 years old, and so we've been family for a while. And Kendrick, you know, he's blowing it up. He's doing great."

The president has great taste in music and isn't shy about letting the world known which artists are among his favorites. Back in 2015, he put together a "vacation playlist" on Spotify, and it includes tracks from Al Green, Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, and Low Cut Connie.


(via Pitchfork)

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