Pokemon GO Cosplayers Were Spotted At The Olympics

pokemon go olympics
(Photo: NBC)

Years from now, a great many things were be remembered about 2016. Surely, textbooks will cover the ongoing presidential election and other political decisions. And, undoubtedly, this year's Summer Games in Rio will be well-documented for future generation's to look back upon. What's more, some will also likely remember the phenomena that is Pokemon GO as the game currently stands as one of the most apps in history.

So, hopefully, some future scholar will have access to this video one day for them to see two of 2016's biggest cultural icons crossover via cosplay.

Buzzfeed News just shared a video clip from NBC's extensive Olympic coverage which features a stunning scene. During one of the network's crowd shots, the camera focuses in on a group of fans who're clearly cosplaying as Pokemon GO critters. Well, except for the one guy dressed as Ash Ketchum - he gets a pass.

The wide shot shows five attendees all dressed in homemade Pikachu costumes which involve bright yellow bottoms and graphic t-shirts. The group also coordinated their hats as they're all sporting adorable Pikachu beanies. One of the cosplayers on the right can even be seen holding a cardboard Pokemon GO sign that's been altered to read 'Rugby GO,' indicating the friends were there to support their country's team.

Who knew the Kanto Region had a rugby team, right?


Considering Pokemon GO's overwhelming popularity, it's not all that surprising to see the game's presence at the Summer Games. With millions of downloads, Niantic's app has become an undeniable hit with it taking over whichever countries it reaches. And, what's more, this definitely isn't the first time the Olympics has been associated with cosplaying - well, kind of. While this particular routine wasn't held at the Olympics, a Canadian figure skater who competed at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi has previously cosplayed as Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop during one of his routines.

Now, that's just impressive.