New The Rock Pokemon Revealed In Pokemon GO?

Move over, Moltres. There is a new legendary creating waves in Pokemon GO, and it's name is...Pokerock? Yes, you heard right: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has fallen for the addictive app and has found himself transformed into a overpowered, profanity-spewing pokemon in a hilarious new Youtube video.

Uploaded to The Rock's channel, viewers can watch as two trainers-slash-Youtubers named MatPat and Ali-A go hunting for one of Pokemon GO's rarest pokemon. First, MatPat heads out armed to the teeth with lures, incense, and other tempting items stocked. The trainer, however, only walks a few short feet before he encounters an oddly shaped pokemon and decides to check it out.

And, thus, we meet Pokerock. Ever optimistic, MatPat is beyond excited to meet the new pocket monster, but Pokerock is not too impressed with the trainer. The pokemon, which is just an animated rendering of The Rock, stands against every pokeball MatPat throws - probably because of its insane CP level. I mean, it's literally at infinity; What are you supposed to do against that?

Hilariously, Pokerock takes Pokemon GO's augmented reality a step further and even begins speaking to MatPat directly, insulting the trainer with some very NSFW language. In fact, perhaps the most tame thing Pokerock says during the 4-minute video is, "You call yourself a pokemaster, Mat? S—t, you couldn't catch a STD."

Whelp. There you have it, folks.


However, perhaps the best part of the video comes from the clip's theme song. The Rock recruited the original singer of the Pokemon Theme, Jason Paige, to sing a parody version called POKEROCK. The explicit lyrics mirrors Pokerock's aggressive behavior as the song starts out with, "I wanna be the very best / like no one ever was / too bad I'm s**t like all the rest."

The Rock does appear at the end of the video, discussing the reason why he was involved in making the video before he admits he just "really love[s] Youtube." And why shouldn't? After all, where else could you we get this kind of quality Pokemon GO parody?