Muhammad Ali: Celebrities, Peers, & Fans Remember The Icon


Since the passing of legendary boxer and cultural icon, Muhammad Ali early this morning, fans, peers & celebrities have shared their condolences. As of this story, nearly a million tweets containing the hashtag, #MuhammadAli, have come in from all over. George Forman, Mike Tyson, and others were among those who shared their thoughts.

In addition to his legendary career and huge public persona, Ali has helped shape American popular culture. His much-discussed trash talk included phrases like "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee." An award-winning film about his life was made in 2001 and helped cement Will Smith as a box office juggernaut. Even one of his more forgettable fights -- a 1975 bout against Chuck "The Bleeder" Wepner -- was reportedly the inspiration for the film Rocky.


Muhammad Ali Was 74.