Modern Family Star Ariel Winter Reveals Adorable Picture With Boyfriend

Yes, we will say it. Ariel Winter is at it again. But this time there are no booty pictures or skin-heavy photos. Winter posted a sweet, intimate snapshot of her boyfriend embracing her in a hug right in front of the water.

💋Wuv uuu to da 🌚

A photo posted by ARIEL WINTER (@arielwinter) on

She captions the picture with a sweet message to boyfriend Levi Meaden saying, "Wuv uuu to da moon." A bit cheesy? Sure. Sweet? Big time.

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In recent weeks, Ariel Winter has been blowing up the Internet with her revealing photos on social media. While the Modern Family star is currently receiving a heavy amount of attention for the scantily clad snaps, the 18-year-old has actually been posting booty pics for quite a long time.

Even though the photos have been a source of controversy for the actress, she has spoken out about how she doesn't care about the criticism. Despite being bullied when she was younger, Winter is proud of her figure and doesn't mind showing it off on social media.

"I was bullied for being super flat and super skinny when I was 11 years old and then I turned 12 and I suddenly was curvy and had this bigger body that I wasn't prepared to deal with yet, but I was super excited because when I was younger, I'd always wanted boobs and I wanted a butt," Winter said while talking to E! News.

"Now, I go to post a photo and I don't care what people write on my picture…if you don't like my photo, you can go unfollow me."

The Modern Family star has never been shy about her body, frequently taking to social media to show off her assets. Since her figure isn't the stereotypical shape of a skinny starlet, Winter has at times received criticism of her body. Clearly, the actress couldn't care less about critics, and taking a look at her Instagram, it's tough to find things to complain about.

What do you think about Winter's massive Instagram push?

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