Mega Millions Skyrockets Up To $415 Million Jackpot


The Mega Millions lottery now has the third largest jackpot amount ever totaling $415 million. The pot has swelled to the third largest amount for the Mega Millions, and the ninth biggest of all time including Powerball and Mega Millions prizes.

Upon hitting the jackpot of the Mega Millions, the winner can either receive the payout over the course of 30 years, or take a lump sum payment of $286 million before taxes.

The 32nd consecutive drawing on Tuesday failed to produce a winner, and the next drawing will be on Friday at 11pm ET. The pot is expected to keep growing until the next drawing and until some lucky participant picks the winning lottery numbers.

The only other major multi-state lottery, the Powerball, had the biggest jackpot of late totaling a record shattering amount of $1.59 billion in the pot in January. Then more recently, a $430 million pot was won in May. The Mega Millions will likely keep soaring past the $430 million amount if no one wins soon.

The largest prizes for the Mega Millions to date were a "$656 million prize awarded in March 2012 and $648 million awarded in December 2013," according to Pix 11. While the odds of winning any type of lottery game are extremely small, the Mega Millions is a slightly better bet compared to the odds of the Powerball.

The Powerball has a 1 in 292 million chance, while the Mega Millions has a 1 in 259 million chance of winning. Mega Millions players have to match all five white ball numbers as well as the "Easy Pick" yellow ball number required to win the grand prize. Also, Mega Millions tickets cost $1 while the Powerball tickets cost $2.

The Mega Millions is available to be played in 44 U.S. states, D.C., and the U.S. Virgin Islands.


Do you plan on buying Mega Millions lottery tickets before Friday?