Kylie Jenner’s Friend Gets Caught Mid-Pic Staring At You Know What

Kylie Jenner has flooded Instagram once again, but this time there is a more comedic twist to one of her pictures than something that straddles the line of NSFW.

While posing for a picture, her friend got caught mid-picture staring right at her breasts. There is no way around it. She is looking directly at them.

Brunette is Best

A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

We typically see Jenner posting content that is more revealing so this is a nice (and hilarious) break in the mix.

Kylie Jenner has been stepping up her fashion game and her Instagram game this year. Her pictures are regularly the talk of the internet with her sultry looks and stunning photos. Whether she is rocking a new swimsuit, or stunning in a gown, Jenner takes her looks to a new level.

She has also donned a new hairstyle which has led to some other new looks and even a new hair stylist.

"I've really upped my style game over the past few months," Jenner wrote in a post. "That's thanks to Jill Jacobs I feel like she's really amped up my look and I get SO excited when we do fittings. She always pulls the coolest stuff."

Of course, Jenner has always been stylish, rocking the most head-turning of looks. So, naturally, this fashionista has turned to Instagram to showcase only the best of her ensembles. Sometimes she is out on a red carpet, sometimes she is modeling for her makeup brand, but most of the time she is just hanging out, lounging by the pool, or partying with her family. Either way, she always looks sexy and classy.


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