Kendall Jenner's Instagram Mysteriously Vanishes Into Thin Air

Considering she's in the middle of promoting her new book and has a newborn niece, Kendall Jenner must have plenty of images she'd love to share with her fans, which makes the disappearance of her Instagram all the more mysterious. Fear not, Kendall fans, her Twitter and Snapchat accounts both appear to be intact, it is merely her Instagram which can no longer be located.

By using only two of the three channels of the Social Media Holy Trinity, does this mean Kendall's empire will crumble? Probably not, and as she said last month in Allure, she's been known to delete social media apps from her phone, so this could be an extension of that. Or maybe, because computers are known to do whatever they want, this is just a temporary glitch in the Matrix and Kendall doesn't even know the heartache she's causing her fans with Instagr-absence. We might never really know the cause of this truly dark time.

Hopefully all is well in the world of Kendall and she'll be back to Instagramming her activities in no time!